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    • This study characterized a novel rice thermo-sensitive chloroplast development 9 (tcd9) mutant, which exhibited the albino phenotype before the 3-leaf stage grown below 24 degrees C whereas displayed normal green at over 28 degrees C or even at 20 degrees C after 5-leaf stage
    • Our observations suggest that the nuclear-encoded Cpn60alpha protein TCD9 plays a crucial role in chloroplast development at early leaf stage of rice
    • Importance of the rice TCD9 encoding alpha subunit of chaperonin protein 60 (Cpn60alpha) for the chloroplast development during the early leaf stage
    • The map-based cloning and molecular complementation tests revealed that the mutation of TCD9 encoding alpha subunit of Cpn60 protein (Cpn60alpha), localized in chloroplasts, was responsible for albino phenotype
    • The transcriptional analysis indicated that all expression levels of the studied genes related to chloroplast development in tcd9 mutant were seriously affected in the albino seedlings at 20 degrees C, whereas some of them recovered into normal levels in green-seedlings at 32 degrees C
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