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    • Symbol: OsmiR535
    • MSU: None
    • RAPdb: None
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    • The multiple roles of OsmiR535 in modulating plant height, panicle branching and grain shape.
    • Furthermore, OsmiR535 overexpression imposed great influence in panicle architecture, such as more but shorter panicles, and fewer primary/secondary panicle branches
    • Through quantitative real-time PCR analyses, we further revealed that OsmiR535 overexpression repressed the expression of OsSPL7/12/16, as well as the OsSPLs downstream panicle related genes, including OsPIN1B, OsDEP1, OsLOG and OsSLR1
    • Taken together, our findings suggest that OsmiR535 multiply modulates plant height, panicle architecture and grain shape possibly by regulating OsSPLs genes in rice
    • Moreover, OsmiR535 overexpression increased the grain length, but did not affect grain width
    • Expectedly, OsmiR535 overexpression in rice reduced plant height by decreasing the 1st and 2nd internode length
    • In addition, the overexpression of OsmiR535 significantly reduced the survival rate of rice seedlings during PEG and dehydration post-stress recovery
    • OsmiR535 is involved in regulating the cold-stress response, modulating plant development, and determining panicle architecture and grain length
    • However, the role that OsmiR535 plays in plant responses to drought and salinity are elusive
    • Moreover, our practical application of CRISPR/Cas9 mediated genome editing created a homozygous 5 bp deletion in the coding sequence of OsmiR535, demonstrating that OsmiR535 could be a useful genetic editing target for drought and salinity tolerance and a new marker for molecular breeding of Oryza sativa
    • With transgenic and CRISPR/Cas9 knockout system techniques, our results verified that either inhibition or knockout of OsmiR535 in rice could enhance the tolerance of plants to NaCl, ABA, dehydration and PEG stresses
    • In the current study, molecular and genetic engineering techniques were used to elucidate the possible role of OsmiR535 in response to NaCl, PEG(Poly ethylene glycol), ABA(Abscisic acid), and dehydration stresses
    • Our results demonstrated that OsmiR535 negatively regulates the stress response in rice
    • Our results showed that OsmiR535 is induced under stressed conditions as compared to control
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