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    • These results suggest that OsSIDP366 may function as a regulator of the PBs/SGs and positively regulate salt and drought resistance in rice
    • Transgenic rice plants overexpressing OsSIDP366 showed enhanced drought and salinity tolerance and reduced water loss as compared to that in the control, whereas plants with down-regulated OsSIDP366 expression levels using RNA interference (RNAi) were more sensitive to salinity and drought treatments
    • Subcellular localization analysis revealed that OsSIDP366 is presented in the cytoplasmic foci that colocalized with protein markers for both processing bodies (PBs) and stress granules (SGs) in rice protoplasts
    • The sensitivity to abscisic acid (ABA) treatment was not changed in OsSIDP366-overexpressing plants, and OsSIDP366 expression was not affected in ABA-deficient mutants
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