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    • Rice gene Oryza sativa Drought Stress Response-1 (OsDSR-1) was one of the genes identified to be responsive to drought stress in the panicle of rice at booting and heading stages by both microarray and quantitative real-time PCR analyses
    • Further analysis showed that external Ca2+ was required for the production of larger root systems, indicating that the promotion by OsDSR-1 of the LR development of transgenic Arabidopsis seemed to occur in a Ca2+-dependent manner under high-potassium conditions
    • We propose that OsDSR-1 may function as a calcium sensor of the signal transduction pathway controlling the LR development under high-potassium conditions
    • Rice Gene OsDSR-1 Promotes Lateral Root Development in Arabidopsis Under High-Potassium Conditions
    • OsDSR-1 encodes a putative calcium-binding protein, and its overexpression in Arabidopsis rendered transgenic plants to produce much shorter lateral roots (LRs) than wild-type (WT) plants in the medium supplemented with abscisic acid (ABA), suggesting that OsDSR-1 may act as a positive regulator during the process of ABA inhibition of LR development
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