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    • In the osgbp mutant, the extent of GBSSI and GBSSII binding to starch in the leaf and endosperm was significantly lower than wild type
    • Our data suggest that OsGBP plays an important role in leaf and endosperm starch biosynthesis by mediating the binding of GBSS proteins to developing starch granules
    • The total starch and amylose contents in osgbp mutants were significantly lower than those of wild type in leaves and grains, resulting in reduced grain weight and quality
    • This elucidation of the function of OsGBP enhances our understanding of the molecular basis of starch biosynthesis in rice and contributes information that can be potentially used for the genetic improvement of yield and grain quality
    • The carbohydrate-binding module 48 (CBM48) domain present in the C-terminus of OsGBP is crucial for OsGBP binding to starch
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