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    • The receptor kinase OsWAK11 monitors cell wall pectin changes to fine-tune brassinosteroid signaling and regulate cell elongation in rice.
    • OsWAK11 directly binds and phosphorylates the BR receptor OsBRI1 at residue Thr752, within a motif conserved across most monocot graminaceous crops, thus hindering OsBRI1 interaction with its co-receptor OsSERK1/OsBAK1 and inhibiting BR signaling
    • OsWAK11 is stabilized in light but is degraded in darkness, in a process triggered by changes in the ratio of methyl-esterified to de-methyl-esterified pectin, creating fluctuations in plant BR signaling in response to day and night alternation
    • We conclude that OsWAK11 is a cell wall monitor that regulates cell elongation rates to adapt to the environment from the outside in, which complements the well-established inside-out signaling pathway affecting cell elongation in plants
    • Our data show that OsWAK11 controls several important agronomical traits by regulating cell elongation in rice
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