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    • MID1 was primarily expressed in root and leaf vascular tissues, with low level in the tapetum, and was induced by drought and other abiotic stresses
    • Our findings suggest that MID1 is a transcriptional regulator that promotes rice male development under drought by modulating the expressions of drought-related and anther developmental genes and provide valuable information for crop improvement
    • MID1 Plays an Important Role in Response to Drought Stress during Reproductive Development.
    • We show here that MID1 (MYB Important for Drought Response1), encoding a putative R-R-type MYB-like transcription factor, can improve rice yield under drought
    • MID1 was localized to the nucleus and could activate gene expression in yeast, and its homologs were identified in many other plants with high levels sequence similarity
    • Here, we show that the rice R2R3 MYB transcription factor OsARM1 (ARSENITE-RESPONSIVE MYB1) regulates As-associated transporters genes
    • Our findings suggest that the OsARM1 transcription factor has essential functions in regulating As uptake and root-to-shoot translocation in rice
    • Histochemical analysis of OsARM1pro::GUS lines indicated that OsARM1 was expressed in the phloem of vascular bundles in basal and upper nodes
    • Knockout of OsARM1 (OsARM1-KO CRISPR/Cas9-generated mutants) improved tolerance to As(III) and overexpression of OsARM1 (OsARM1-OE lines) increased sensitivity to As(III)
    • Treatment with As(III) induced OsARM1 transcript accumulation and an OsARM1-GFP fusion localized to the nucleus
    • In particular, the As(III) levels in node I were significantly higher in OsARM1-KOs, but significantly lower in OsARM1-OEs, compared to wild-type plants, implying that OsARM1 is important for the regulation of root-to-shoot translocation of As
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