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    • The OsHAP3E-overexpressing plants showed various abnormal morphologies both in their vegetative and reproductive phases
    • The OsHAP3E-overexpressing plants were dwarf with erected leaves and similar to brassinosteroid mutants in the vegetative phase
    • Altogether, our loss-of-function and gain-of-function analyses suggest that OsHAP3E plays important pleiotropic roles in vegetative and reproductive development or basic cellular processes in rice
    • Aberrant vegetative and reproductive development by overexpression and lethality by silencing of OsHAP3E in rice
    • These phenotypes indicate association of OsHAP3E with determination of floral meristem identity
    • OsLEC1/OsHAP3E participates in the determination of meristem identity in both vegetative and reproductive developments of rice
    • Oslec1 mutant seeds lost desiccation tolerance and triggered embryo greening at the early development stage
    • Our findings suggested that OsLEC1 acts as not only a central regulator of seed maturation but also an inhibitor of embryo greening during rice seed development
    • This study would provide new understanding for the OsLEC1 regulatory mechanisms on photosynthesis in the monocot seed development
    • Transcriptome analysis demonstrated that Oslec1 mutation altered diverse hormonal pathways and stress response in seed maturation, and promoted a series of photosynthesis-related genes
    • Further, genome-wide identification of OsLEC1-binding sites demonstrated that OsLEC1 bound to genes involved in photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, as well as abscisic acid (ABA) and gibberellin (GA) pathways, involved in seed maturation
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