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    • Microscopic analyses revealed that osgt1 pollen developed normally to the pollen mitosis stage but failed to produce mature grains
    • We examined the role of GLYCOSYLTRANSFERASE1 (OsGT1) in pollen wall development in rice (Oryza sativa)
    • In osgt1 pollen, intine structure was disrupted
    • Taken together, our results suggest that OsGT1 is a Golgi-localized glycosyltransferase essential for intine construction and pollen maturation, providing new insight into male reproductive development
    • This study developed a genetically improved rice genotype by overexpressing a novel glycosyltransferase gene named OsGT1 to accelerate removal of butachlor residues in rice crop and its growth environment
    • The growth of the OsGT1 overexpression rice (OsOE) was significantly improved and butachlor-induced cellular damage was greatly attenuated compared to its wild-type (WT)
    • Taken together, the reduced residues of parent butachlor in rice and its growth media point out that OsGT1 plays a critical role in detoxifying and catabolizing the poisoning chemical in plants and its environment
    • Both transcriptional expression and protein activates of OsGT1 are considerably induced under butachlor stress
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