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    • Taken together, our results indicated that OsMFS1 is indispensable to the normal development of anther and embryo sacs in rice
    • Here, we characterized a completely sterile Osmfs1 (male and female sterility 1) mutant which has its pollen and embryo sacs both aborted at the reproductive stage due to severe chromosome defection
    • Map-based cloning revealed that the OsMFS1 encodes a meiotic coiled-coil protein, and it is responsible for DSB repairing that acts as an important cofactor to stimulate the single strand invasion
    • Subcellular localization analysis of OsMFS1 revealed its association with the nucleus exclusively
    • Expression pattern analyses showed the OsMFS1 was preferentially expressed in meiosis stage
    • In addition, a yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) and pull-down assay showed that OsMFS1 could physically interact with OsHOP2 protein to form a stable complex to ensure faithful homologous recombination
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