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    • The cap1 heterozygous plant produced equal numbers of normal and collapsed abnormal grains
    • A wild-type genomic DNA segment containing CAP1 restored mutants to normal pollen grains
    • Based on the metabolic pathway of l-arabinose, cap1 pollen phenotype may have been caused by toxic accumulation of l-arabinose or by inhibition of cell wall metabolism due to the lack of UDP-l-arabinose derived from l-arabinose 1-phosphate
    • Genetic analysis of crosses revealed that the cap1 mutation did not affect female reproduction or vegetative growth
    • During rice pollen development, CAP1 was preferentially expressed in anthers at the bicellular pollen stage, and the effects of the cap1 mutation were mainly detected at this stage
    • We isolated a pollen-defective mutant, collapsed abnormal pollen1 (cap1), from Tos17 insertional mutant lines of rice (Oryza sativa)
    • Our results suggested that CAP1 and related genes are critical for pollen development in both monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants
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