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    • These results suggested that ZFP177 might play crucial but differential roles in plant responses to various abiotic stresses
    • Through microarray analysis, it was found that four genes (ZFP177, ZFP181, ZFP176, ZFP173), two genes (ZFP181 and ZFP176) and one gene (ZFP157) were significantly induced by cold, drought and H(2)O(2) treatments, respectively
    • Overexpression of ZFP177 in tobacco conferred tolerance of transgenic plants to both low and high temperature stresses, but increased sensitivity to salt and drought stresses
    • Further expression analysis showed that ZFP177 was responsive to both cold and heat stresses, but down-regulated by salt
    • Expression analysis of rice A20/AN1-type zinc finger genes and characterization of ZFP177 that contributes to temperature stress tolerance
    • The subcellular localization assay indicated that ZFP177 was localized in cytoplasm in tobacco leaf and root cells
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