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  • Information
    • Symbol: Pb2
    • MSU: None
    • RAPdb: None
  • Publication
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  • Key message
    • Compared with wild type plants, the transgenic rice of Pb2 showed enhanced resistance to panicle and leaf blast with reduced lesion number
    • Subcellular localization of Pb2 showed that it is located on plasma membrane, and GUS tissue-staining observation found that Pb2 is highly expressed in grains, leaf tips and stem nodes
    • It indicated that Pb2 could be useful for breeding of rice blast resistance
    • By haplotype and expression analysis, one of the Nucleotide-binding domain and Leucine-rich Repeat (NLR) Pb2 genes was highly conserved in multiple resistant rice cultivars, and its expression was significantly upregulated after rice blast infection
    • Pb2 encodes a typical NBS-LRR protein with NB-ARC domain and LRR domain
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