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    • RIR1 overexpression plants were more susceptible to Xoo at late growth stage, suggesting that RIR1 mRNA levels are negatively correlated with the resistance of rice against Xoo
    • Here, we found that a Tos17 insertion mutant of LRR_RLK displayed increasing temporal resistance to Xoo, whereas the LRR_RLK overexpression lines were susceptible to the pathogen early on in the infection, indicating that LRR_RLK encodes a repressor of rice resistance to Xoo infection, and it was renamed as RIR1 (Rice Immunity Repressor 1)
    • RIR1 represses plant immunity by interacting with mitochondrial complex I subunit in rice
    • Notably, impairment of RIR1 or overexpression of NUO resulted in reactive oxygen species accumulation and enhanced expression of pathogen-resistance genes, including jasmonic acid pathway genes
    • Co-immunoprecipitation, bimolecular fluoresence complementation, and pull-down assays indicated that RIR1 interacted with the NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (NUO) 51-kDa subunit of the mitochondrial complex I through its kinase domain
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