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    • Taking advantage of strategies in biochemistry, molecular cell biology and genetics, the RING-finger containing E3 ligase OsSDIR1 (Oryza sativa SALT-AND DROUGHT-INDUCED RING FINGER 1) was found to be a candidate drought tolerance gene for engineering of crop plants
    • Upon drought treatment, the OsSDIR1-transgenic rice showed strong drought tolerance compared to control plants
    • OsSDIR1 overexpression greatly improves drought tolerance in transgenic rice
    • The expression of OsSDIR1 was detected in all tissues of rice and up-regulated by drought and NaCl, but not by ABA
    • OsSDIR1 could complement the drought sensitive phenotype of the sdir1 mutant and overexpressing transgenic Arabidopsis were more sensitive to ABA, indicating that the OsSDIR1 gene is a functional ortholog of SDIR1
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