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    • ), an OsXDH over-expression transgenic line (OE9), and an OsXDH RNA interference line (Ri3) during different growth stages
    • The expression patterns of the OsXDH gene confirmed that XDH was involved in the regulation of normal and abiotic stress-induced ageing processes in rice
    • These results indicated that OsSAC3 played a vital role in leaf senescence by regulating carbon metabolism in rice
    • Moreover, carbohydrate distribution was changed, leading to the accumulation of sucrose and starch in the leaves containing ossac3 on account of decreased expression of OsSWEET3a, OsSWEET6a and OsSWEET14 and oxidized inactivation of starch degradation enzymes in ossac3
    • Based on map-based cloning, OsSAC3 was identified, which encodes the xanthine dehydrogenase
    • OsSAC3 was constitutively expressed in all examined tissues and the OsSAC3 protein located in the cytoplasm
    • Transcriptional analysis revealed purine metabolism, chlorophyll metabolism, photosynthesis, sugar metabolism and redox balance were affected in the ossac3 mutant
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