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    • In this study, we reported the first rice deg mutant tcm5 (thermo-sensitive chlorophyll-deficient mutant 5) that has an albino phenotype, defective chloroplasts and could not survive after the 4-5 leaf seedling stage when grown at high temperature (32 °C)
    • The TCM5 encodes chloroplast-targeted Deg protease protein which is important for chloroplast development and the maintenance of PSII function and its disruption would lead to a defective chloroplast and affected expression levels of genes associated with chloroplast development and photosynthesis at early rice seedling stage under high temperatures
    • The Rice TCM5 Gene Encoding a Novel Deg Protease Protein is Essential for Chloroplast Development under High Temperatures.
    • In tcm5 mutants grown at high temperatures, the transcript levels of certain genes associated with chloroplast development especially PSII-associated genes were severely affected, but recovered to normal levels at low temperatures
    • These results showed important role of TCM5 for chloroplast development under high temperatures
    • Map-based cloning showed that TCM5 encoding a chloroplast-targeted Deg protease protein
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