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    • Over-expression of OsCDPK7 enhanced induction of some stress-responsive genes in response to salinity/drought, but not to cold
    • A rice Ca2+-dependent protein kinase, OsCDPK7, is a positive regulator commonly involved in the tolerance to cold and salt/drought
    • The transcript of a putative target gene of the OsCDPK7 signaling pathway, rab16A, was also detected essentially in the same tissues upon salt stress, suggesting that the OsCDPK7 pathway operates predominantly in these regions
    • In the wild-type rice plants under both stress conditions, OsCDPK7 was expressed predominantly in vascular tissues of crowns and roots, vascular bundles and central cylinder, respectively, where water stress occurs most severely
    • Similar localization patterns with stronger signals were observed in stress-tolerant OsCDPK7 over-expressing transformants with the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter
    • A rice gene encoding a calcium-dependent protein kinase (CDPK), OsCDPK7, was induced by cold and salt stresses
    • The extent of tolerance to cold and salt/drought stresses of these plants correlated well with the level of OsCDPK7 expression
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