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    • The transcription factor OsGATA6 regulates rice heading date and grain number per panicle.
    • Further analyses showed that OsGATA6 could bind to the promoter of OsMFT1 and induce its expression, thereby regulating heading date and panicle development
    • Overexpression of OsGATA6 resulted in delayed heading, increased grain number, and decreased grain size
    • Knockdown lines generated by artificial microRNA (amiRNA) and CRISPR genome-edited lines of OsGATA6 both showed earlier heading, decreased grain number, and increased grain size
    • These results suggested that OsGATA6 negatively regulates heading date, positively regulates panicle development, and affects grain size
    • In situ hybridization analyses showed that OsGATA6 was specifically localized in superficial cells of the panicle primordium
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