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    • The PLATZ transcription factor GL6 affects grain length and number in rice.
    • The null gl6 mutant possesses short grains, whereas overexpression of GL6 results in large grains and decreased grain number per panicle
    • GL6 positively controls grain length by promoting cell proliferation in young panicles and grains
    • We demonstrate that GL6 participates in RNA polymerase III (RNAPIII) transcription machinery by interacting with RPC53 and TFC1 to regulate the expression of genes involved in rice grain development
    • Here, we functionally characterized the role of SG6 in determining grain size through the regulation of spikelet hull cell division
    • The overexpression of SG6 resulted in significantly larger and heavier grains, as well as increased plant heights, which is consistent with its elevated spikelet hull cell division rate
    • These results confirm the crucial role of SG6 in determining grain size by regulating spikelet hull cell division and provide clues for understanding the functions of PLATZ family proteins and the network regulating cereal grain size
    • Yeast two-hybrid analyses revealed that SG6 interacts with the core cell cycle machinery DP protein and several other putative cell division regulators, consistent with our transcriptomic analysis, which showed that SG6 activates the expression of many DNA replication and cell-cycle-related genes
    • SG6 encodes a previously uncharacterized PLATZ (plant AT-rich sequence and zinc-binding) protein that is ubiquitously localized throughout the cell and is preferentially expressed in the early developing panicles but not in the endosperm
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