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    • The ATP-binding cassette transporter OsPDR1 regulates plant growth and pathogen resistance by affecting jasmonates biosynthesis in rice
    • In addition, overexpression and mutation of OsPDR1 resulted in decreased and increased plant growth at seedling stage, respectively, but eventually led to decreased grain yield
    • 3-overexpressing plants exhibited higher JAs content and stronger growth inhibition and disease resistance than OsPDR1
    • By affecting JAs biosynthesis, overexpression of OsPDR1 resulted in constitutive activation of defense-related genes and enhanced resistance to bacterial blight, whereas its mutation decreased pathogen resistance
    • These results indicated that alternative splicing affects the function of OsPDR1 gene in regulation of growth, development and disease resistance
    • The three OsPDR1 transcripts are developmentally controlled and differentially regulated by JAs and pathogen infection
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