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    • Additionally, the OsSBP protein might have a role in modulating the defense mechanism to biotic stress in rice
    • The rice Oryza sativa selenium-binding protein homologue (OsSBP) gene encodes a homologue of mammalian selenium-binding proteins, and it has been isolated as one of the genes induced by treating a plant with a cerebroside elicitor from rice blast fungus
    • Plants overexpressing OsSBP showed enhanced resistance to a virulent strain of rice blast fungus as well as to rice bacterial blight
    • The expression of defense-related genes and the accumulation of phytoalexin after infection by rice blast fungus were accelerated in the OsSBP overexpressors
    • Enhanced Resistance to Blast Fungus and Bacterial Blight in Transgenic Rice Constitutively ExpressingOsSBP, a Rice Homologue of Mammalian Selenium-binding Proteins
    • The possible role of OsSBP in plant defense was evaluated by using a transgenic approach
    • These results suggest that the upregulation of OsSBP expression conferred enhanced tolerance to different pathogens, possibly by increasing plant sensitivity to endogenous defense responses
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