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    • The accumulation of OsMGD mRNA in both FR13A and IR42 was also increased by ethephon, gibberellin, drought and salt treatment, but cold stress had no effect on the expression of the gene
    • Furthermore, the enhanced expression of OsMGD may relate to photosynthesis, and play an important role during submergence
    • Time-course studies showed that the expression of OsMGD in the rice cultivars FR13A and IR42 (submergence-susceptive cultivar) during submergence was gradually increased and that expression in FR13A was higher than in IR42
    • These results suggest that the expression of OsMGD mRNA requires benzyladenine or illumination, and that the process is also mediated by ethephon and gibberellin
    • The leaf of osmgd2 mutants showed reduced MGDG (∼11
    • Put together, the present study demonstrated that OsMGD2 is the predominantly expressed gene encoding MGDG synthase in anther and grain and plays important roles in plant growth and development, as well as in grain quality
    • Although subcellular localization analysis demonstrated that OsMGD2 is localized to chloroplast, its expression was observed mainly in anther and endosperm, suggesting that MGDG might have an important role in the development of flower and grain in rice
    • Knock-out mutants of OsMGD2 were generated employing the CRISPR/Cas9 system and their morphology, yield and grain quality related traits were studied
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