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    • Moreover overexpression of OsDRZ1 did not lead to growth inhibition but the promotion of rice growth, implying the potential application prospective of OsDRZ1 in engineering drought tolerant crops
    • Overexpression of OsDRZ1 in rice increased seedling drought tolerance and the transgenic plants appeared to accumulate more free proline and less reactive oxygen species (ROS), and elevate the activities of antioxidant enzymes
    • In contrast, RNA interference (RNAi) of OsDRZ1 led to lower activities of antioxidative response and more sensitivity to drought
    • RNA-seq analysis revealed that the genes down-regulated by OsDRZ1 were mostly down-regulated by drought, implying the critical role of OsDRZ1 in modulating drought responsive gene expression
    • OsDRZ1 was expressed throughout all tissues examined and could be induced by multiple abiotic stresses
    • OsDRZ1 protein was localized mostly in nucleus
    • Unlike most reported rice ZFPs functioning as transcriptional activators, OsDRZ1 is a transcriptional repressor
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